DA42 Fixed Base Trainer

Master the most popular twin trainer.


Elevate Your Flight Training with the Diamond DA42 Flight Simulator.

The Diamond DA42 Flight Simulator is unrivaled in its commitment to fidelity and realism. It stands as a pinnacle of flight simulation technology, meticulously engineered to replicate the Diamond DA42 aircraft's every nuance. When you step into the simulator's cockpit, you'll experience a level of authenticity that borders on the extraordinary. The cockpit layout, instrumentation, and control systems are exact replicas of the actual DA42, down to the last detail. The result is an immersive training environment where every switch, knob, and display panel functions just as they would in the real aircraft. 

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We use a high fidelity flight model along with the best Garmin G1000 NXi simulation software on the market.

It includes syntethic vision SVT, VNAV, VPATH Profile and more. 

Fidelity and Realism

The Diamond DA42 Flight Simulator is renowned for its unparalleled fidelity and high realism. Designed to closely mimic the actual DA42 aircraft, it provides an authentic flight experience. Pilots and students can develop and sharpen their skills in a controlled environment that replicates real-world conditions with astounding accuracy. This level of fidelity not only enhances training but also reduces the learning curve when transitioning to the actual aircraft.

Cost-Effective Training

For airplane owners and operators, the Diamond DA42 Flight Simulator offers a cost-effective way to maintain proficiency without the need for expensive aircraft rentals or maintenance. Flight schools can significantly reduce operating costs by utilizing the simulator for a substantial portion of their training curriculum, all while providing top-notch training to their students.

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