DA42 Fixed Base Trainer

Master the most popular twin trainer.


Elevate Your Flight Training with the Diamond DA42 Flight Simulator.

Experience the ultimate in flight training with the Diamond DA42 Flight Simulator. Designed to perfectly replicate every aspect of the real DA42 aircraft, our simulator offers an unmatched level of realism and detail.

Step into the simulator’s cockpit and you'll find an exact reproduction of the DA42's layout, instruments, and controls. Every element, from switches to display panels, operates just like in the actual aircraft, creating an immersive training environment.

For Diamond Aircraft owners and trainee pilots, our DA42 simulator is ideal for refining VFR/IFR approach techniques, mastering checklists, and building essential muscle memory. This ensures you stay proficient and confident in every flight situation.

Whether you are a flight school aiming to provide top-tier training or a pilot enhancing your skills, the DA42 Flight Simulator is the perfect choice. It guarantees you stay proficient, confident, and ready for any flight challenge.

This system is a full turn-key solution that includes all the hardware, software, and support needed to ensure a great realistic experience.

Experience the difference. Train with precision. Fly with confidence.

Authentic Cockpit Experience

The cockpit is 1:1 scale compared to the real aircraft. This simulator is meticulously designed with all the switches, buttons, and knobs found in the real DA42-VI cockpit, ensuring a high-fidelity training experience. Every single knob, switch and button works the same way as in the airplane. In fact, approximately 90% of the switches are genuine OEM parts.


We use a high fidelity flight model along with the best Garmin G1000 NXi simulation software on the market. It includes syntethic vision SVT, VNAV, VPATH Profile and more. 

Perfect Solution for

  • Basic flight training including MEP
  • G1000 NXi familiarization and proficiency 
  • Type familiarization
  • IFR procedural trainer
  • Emergencies practice
  • General proficiency 

Cost-Effective Training

For airplane owners and operators, the Diamond DA42 Flight Simulator offers a cost-effective way to maintain proficiency without the need for expensive aircraft rentals or maintenance. Flight schools can significantly reduce operating costs by utilizing the simulator for a substantial portion of their training curriculum, all while providing top-notch training to their students.

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